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Baird, Andrew andrew.baird at jcu.edu.au
Wed Aug 9 00:18:14 EDT 2017

Dear listers

My colleagues, Josh Madin, Kristen Precoda and Marah Hardt and I are looking at trade-offs among life history traits in Caribbean corals.

We are particularly interested in data on growth rates, skeletal density and polyp fecundity in the species listed below. If you know of any data, published or unpublished, please let us know. All data will be made public at coraltraits.org<http://coraltraits.org>



Acropora cervicornis

Acropora palmata

Agaricia agaricites

Agaricia tenuifolia

Stephanocoenia intersepta

Dichocoenia stokesi

Eusmilia fastigiata

Meandrina meandrites

Orbicella annularis

Orbicella faveolata

Orbicella franksi

Montastraea cavernosa

Colpophyllia natans

Diploria labyrinthiformis

Favia fragum

Isophyllia rigida

Manicina areolata

Mussa angulosa

Mycetophyllia aliciae

Mycetophyllia lamarckiana

Pseudodiploria clivosa

Pseudodiploria strigosa

Scolymia cubensis

Oculina diffusa

Madracis decactis

Madracis mirabilis

Porites astreoides

Porites furcata

Siderastrea siderea

Professor Andrew Baird
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies
James Cook University, Townsville, Qld 4811
Bld 19, room 120

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