[Coral-List] Pacific and Indian Ocean fish biomass collaboration

Tim McClanahan tmcclanahan at wcs.org
Wed Aug 30 14:19:48 EDT 2017

There is an effort to evaluate the status of reef fish communities in the
Pacific and Indian Oceans using two biomass metrics.  Fish biomass is
categorized based on selected families and size groupings.  Consequently,
the census would need to be collected at the family and sizes or size
intervals to be included in the evaluation.  If you would like to
participate in this evaluation and have data that are required to produce
the two requested numbers per sites, than please contact my RA, Remy
Oddenyo <mandelaoddenyo at gmail.com>.  He will send you more specific details
and an excel sheet to enter the data.  We have set a lower limit of 10 reef
sites to become a participant and potential coauthor.  We will close the
data gathering period on September 15th, 2017.

Thank you
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