[Coral-List] A coral study is not over

Vassil Zlatarski vzlatarski at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 17:46:33 EST 2017

Dear colleagues,

Kindly to your attention:

The actuopaleontological studies on Cuban scleractinians and coral reefs of
half a century ago are not over. 2017.  Geologica Balcanica 46 (2), 111–116.

Free download PDF from link:


Abstract. Gathering and studying a rich collection of fossil corals in
Bulgaria led to the definition of various new taxa, but highlighted the
gaps in our knowledge of fossil Scleractinia. I needed to learn from living
corals. An actuopaleontological project with massive sampling of all
phenotypes following coral life in depth in Cuba (1970–1973) showed
extraordinary scleractinian variability and led to “heresy” regarding the
conventional Caribbean taxonomy. Subsequent fundamental new knowledge
challenged Scleractinia taxonomy and justified the results of the
investigation of the Cuban corals, through continuing contributions to:
holistic approach to scleractinian species; integrative character of coral
taxonomy; new paleobiological perspectives and tasks for study; and the
evolutionary benefits of hybridization for reef survival. Continuing
research can be supported by: an 80% preserved collection; a scientific
audiovisual documentary; a monograph in Russian, French, and soon Spanish;
and a substantially and rarely preserved coral life and reef ecosystem.


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