[Coral-List] job opportunity: 4 month teaching position in Borneo (perfect for the (semi) retired professor

sonny.culkin at tracc.org sonny.culkin at tracc.org
Thu Dec 14 07:48:25 EST 2017

Hello everyone

This is my first time posting on the coral list, so please be gentle. My 
name is Sonny and I am the new Science Director at Tracc. Tracc is the 
tropical research and conservation centre based on Pompom island in 
Malaysian Borneo (www.tracc.org). We are a small not-for-profit 
organisation who utilises volunteers from across the globe to help 
rehabilitate the dynamited coral reef environment on Pompom island.  
Currently we are urgently looking for a Marine Biologist with teaching 
experience to Co-ordinate our Marine Science A-level starting this 
January. We require a self motivated individual who doesn't mind living 
on a tropical island in a rustic setting. The A-level coordinator will 
be teaching a class size of 14 students through the medium of PowerPoint 
presentations and practical hand on sessions. I and other Tracc 
scientists will be on the island and able to provide support for 
presentations and practicals however a scuba diving qualification will 
be essential to participate in some of the practical sessions. For more 
information email me on sonny.culkin at tracc.org with a short cover letter 
stating your experience and suitability for this role and a pdf copy of 
your CV. We hope to have the position filled by Christmas.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please find a full job description below:

Job Title: Marine Science A-level teacher
Reports to: Science director
Based: Pompom island, Malaysian Borneo

Job Overview:
Tracc (Tropical research and conservation centre) is a small 
not-for-profit organisation based in Malaysian Borneo. We actively try 
and restore dynamited reefs by planting coral and using artificial 
structures to stabilise the rubble slope.  Annually Tracc hosts an 
immersive Marine Science A-level endorsed by Cambridge international 
examinations (CIE) . The 2018 A-level will commence on the 15th of 
January and conclude on the 29th of March. Tracc is seeking an 
individual with teaching experience (preferably in a university setting) 
to co-ordinate the Marine science A-level on the island.

Job Purpose
To provide high quality teaching which follows the syllabus set out by 
CIE (found here) and give all A-level students an immersive learning 
experience. The individual will need to create (or adapt) and host clear 
and informative power point presentations in conjunction with hands on 
practical sessions in order to reinforce lessons learnt in the 
classroom. Practical sessions can either be held on land or in the 
water. Scuba diving equipments, boats, boatmen and any other materials 
(within reason) will be at the disposal of the marine science A-level 
co-ordinator (MSAC). The MSAC will also be expected to set a variety of 
self study assignments for the students to complete. Tracc encourages 
setting assignments that  requires presentation as this will not only 
help students develop their own presentation skills but also inform 
volunteers and staff on site about various subjects. In the past we have 
had a variety of self study activities set such as essay writing, power 
points presentations, musical presentations and presenting posters.

The MSAC will have to opportunity to participate in A-level road trip, 
This trip sets off from Semporna and heads east across Borneo before 
reaching Brunei and turning around. On this road trip students will 
visit fish markets – in order to see how landings vary across Borneo. 
They will see first hand how stakeholders through Borneo rely heavily on 
marine resources, as well as enjoy some of natural attractions such as 
orangutans, caves and hot springs. As the class reaches Brunei 
interesting marine developments will be observed and explained. For more 
information about the the road trip please visit:

All subject matter will be completed by April the 15th. The MSAC will 
then host a week long review session where students can bring forward 
topics they are unsure of and the class will review this together.  
Following this student week  the class and MSAC will leave Pompom island 
and head to Kota Kinabalu to take the exams at of April.

Main activities and responsibilities:
Student learning experience
Creating and/or adapting power point presentations
Presenting power point presentations to a class of 14 pupils
Planning and conducting infield practical learning experiences
Providing academic support to any student needing it
Utilising a range of media to reinforce lessons learnt
Setting self study assignments for students
Ensuring that the recommended 360 hours of study time by the pupils is 
reached through a mixture of classroom learning, in-situ practicals and 
self study

Managing people and resources
Liaise with Tracc staff ensure all materials needed for the A-level are 
available when needed
Liaising with the A-level media intern to ensure students who are 
distant learning for a portion of the A-level have access to the 
presentations / voice recordings / video give to the other students

Pastoral care
Role model diving when diving with students (if appropriate)
Keeping the safety of yourself and others in mind whilst on site
Appreciate the needs of individual students and their circumstances
Refer volunteers as appropriate to members of staff that can help them 
deal with issues being faced

Personal specifications
Work well alone and as part of a team
Able to adapt to island life (no air conditioning, relatively secluded, 
rustic setting, unheated showers)
Interested in Marine Conservation

Re numeration
Tracc will provide all food and accommodation to the MSAC. All materials 
needed for the course will be provided. When not on the island hotels 
will be paid for by TRACC and a daily stipend of 40 Malaysian Ringit for 
food will be also provided. Entrance fees, permits and other such costs 
will be covered by Tracc. Visa's are upon arrival and , depending on 
nationality are for a 90 day period, please check the Malaysian 
government website – unfortunately if you do not qualify for the 90 day 
visa you application will need to be rejected. Providing the MSAC 
decides to participate in the road trip there will be no costs incurred 
for visas.

A wages of at least £400 per calendar month will be given. The more 
suitable the applicant is the higher the wage will be, this will be 
discussed on a one on one basis. Flights will be initially bought by the 
MSAC but will be refunded once the 4 month A-level position has been 
completed. The only cost to the teacher will be soft drinks / alcoholic 
beverages, personal items and medical treatments if needed. All scuba 
equipment will be provided free of charge.

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