[Coral-List] Announcing: Change in the Protect Our Reefs grants program for 1 year, Post Hurricane IRMA

David Vaughan dvaughan at mote.org
Thu Dec 21 10:18:35 EST 2017

We will be posting on our MOTE.org website new information about the
Protect Our Reefs grants program change for 2017-18 and information
announcement about applications, shortly.  I wanted all to be aware of the
important changes because of Hurricane IRMA, for this year ONLY. The
following paragraph depicts those changes and the full announcement and
instructions files are available soon on our Mote website..

In order to ensure that Florida-based scientific, conservation and
education organizations are able to continue utilizing this critical
land-based and off-shore coral restoration research infrastructure for the
collection, analyses and distribution of scientific, education and
conservation information to the research community; federal, state and
local government agencies; education institutions; and the public, the POR
program will temporarily suspend its regular annual competitive small grant
program for a period of one (1) year in order to focus on the recovery
efforts of this critical coral research and restoration research
infrastructure. However, currently funded multi-year POR grants  will
remain eligible for proposal submission in 2018 in order to consider
possible second year funding as originally proposed, (PI must have stated
in original proposal that the project was a two year or multi-year proposal
in the first year of the grant cycle). POR will resume its regular annual
competitive small grant program in 2019. Priority focus will remain on
projects that significantly enhance the capabilities of coral reef
ecosystem resource managers to more effectively use science-based
information in promoting and implementing the restoration and long-term
sustainable use of coral reef ecosystems using the outcomes of POR-funded

If you have any questions or comments on this matter, feel free to contact
Dave Vaughan,
Protect Our Reefs Grant Program,
Executive Director: Mote: *Elizabeth Moore *International Center for Coral
Reef Research and Restoration
Mote Marine Lab, Florida Keys

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