[Coral-List] New observational paper on regional eutrophication in the Caribbean

Dr Stuart P Wynne stuart at stuartwynne.co.uk
Fri Dec 22 04:55:57 EST 2017

Dear Coral-listers,

Thanks for your responses to my paper, both on the list and privately by 
email. Just to clarify I should point out that the paper was largely 
written during 2014/2015 as part of my PhD thesis and so the important 
'Vicious Circle' paper by Pawlik et al (2016) was unfortunately missed. 
I did however note the role of African dust in terms of pathogen 
transport, so Gene, you were not completely overlooked! The iron 
limitation hypothesis I feel is a very important one, and could explain 
the point raised by Curt about the Coral Triangle.

Maybe it is time for someone to take on the challenge of incorporating 
all of this into a new synergy paper. I find that all too often the 
demise of corals in the Caribbean is blamed on climate change and 
bleaching events, and while I recognise their role, I feel there is a 
much deeper problem out there that needs representing.

Best Regards,


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