[Coral-List] Our Christmas Contribution for #IYOR2018 Resolutions

Nohora Galvis icri.colombia at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 10:07:09 EST 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Plan your #IYOR2018 Resolutions considering the high social values and
ecosystem services as well as the relevant ecological integrity of
coral reefs (complex function, low growth structure, biodiversity
composition, and resilience):

* Advise International and inter-governmental organizations to
facilitate alliances to implement plans for the improvement of coral
reef conservation effectiveness #SDG17

* Advise to diminish drastically CO2 emissions #SDG13 and
to protect effectively coral reefs #SDG14 enforcing regulations to
avoid coral reef destruction and local threats #OceanAction14819

* Advise local managers to deny requests from unsustainable developers
who justify massive destruction of coral reefs with fake promises of
future “restoration” #GlobalBehaviorChange

* Advise developers to hire innovative engineers who are able to
provide environmental alternatives far away from coral reefs

* Advise that Environmental Impact Assessments should be conducted by
independent researchers who are not hire with confidential obligations
to approve unsustainable development with the promises that they will
be hired again for the “restoration” projects after the destruction of
the coral reefs.

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Season's Greetings

Cordial saludo,

Nohora Galvis

Directora Observatorio Pro Arrecifes
Fundación ICRI Colombia
Coordinadora Red Internacional de Observadores Voluntarios del Arrecife

Twitter @ArrecifesCoral e @ICRIcolombia

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