[Coral-List] Identification of coral bacterial pathogen in Hawaii

Greta Aeby greta at hawaii.edu
Wed Dec 27 01:37:38 EST 2017


  I thought this recent publication on identification of another bacterial
pathogen affecting *Montipora capitata* in Hawaii might be of interest to
biologists studying coral health.  They find that the pathogen can act as
both a primary and secondary invader and confirm that some disease signs
observed in the field, especially tissue loss lesions, can have multiple
underlying etiologies.

Beurmann S, Ushijima B, Videau P, Svoboda CM, Smith AM, Rivers OS, et al.
(2017) Pseudoalteromonas piratica strain OCN003 is a coral pathogen that
causes a switch from chronic to acute Montipora white syndrome in Montipora
capitata. PLoS ONE 12(11): e0188319. https://doi.


greta aeby

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