[Coral-List] Coral mortality in a warmer and acidified ocean

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Wed Feb 1 13:07:33 EST 2017

I suppose many list readers know that the world wide web is a place 
where you can find most anything you want. One should be especially 
cautious of the website Wikipedia.  "Wikipedia is a free online 
encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and 
hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation." Any person of any political 
persuasion or belief with a computer can make entries to Wikipedia. Any 
bias the volunteer may have is acceptable. Some entries are quite 
correct and some have obvious negative bias. Go to 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming_denier>and you will notice 
the term "climate denier" is used. It does not use the word skeptic but 
in stead denier. That is a clear sign of climate activists bias.  Craig 
Idso who operates the Co2Science website posts peer reviewed scientific 
papers and abstracts that demonstrate beneficial or benign effects of 
CO2 on plants and other life forms. He does not post reviews of papers 
or abstracts of papers highlighting negative effects of Co2. Of course 
that is bias because Co2 is his specialty. If you are looking for 
negative effects of CO2 there are tons of  websites to choose from. It's 
unfortunate that science is so divided.  Just be for warned about you 
may find on a Wikipedia sites. Gene


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