[Coral-List] New scientific journal of interest

David M. Lawrence dave at fuzzo.com
Thu Feb 2 19:03:35 EST 2017

The Journal of Alternative Facts: https://twitter.com/journalaltfacts

And here is one of its first papers:

Scientistonce, Iwas A. (2017). We have all the best climates, really, 
they’re great. Journal of Alternative Facts 1(1).

The research presented in this paper is really the best research you 
will ever see. We have method, the best methods, and we used them to 
study climate. As you may already know, the Earth, led by America, has 
all the best climates. In this paper we refute prior work by 
out-of-touch scientists who insist that the climate is changing – why 
would it change, when it’s so great already?  It is not getting warmer. 
In fact, our findings show that you were cold at least one day last 
year. Our (really fantastic) data also reveals that America has all the 
best CO2 levels, really great levels. In our discussion, we reveal that 
there is no reason to believe a bunch of scientists who spent all their 
time learning and studying “facts” instead of being out in the real 
world making jobs. Our alternative facts definitely prove that 
scientists are losers. Finally, we had peer reviews, by all the best 
people, our people, because politicians know the most about science, the 
very best things about science.

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