[Coral-List] Oxybenzone effects on coral

Bargar, Timothy tbargar at usgs.gov
Mon Feb 6 15:15:57 EST 2017

Hi Christina - I recently joined this list when a member of the list
alerted me to your post about oxybenzone and corals.

I wanted bring your attention to a paper regarding oxide (zinc or titanium)
sunscreens (see below).

D Sanchez-Quiles and A Tovar-Sachez (2014) Sunscreens as a source of
hydrogen peroxide production in coastal waters.  Environmental Science &
Technology v 48:9037-9042

You had asked if anybody on the list was conducting work evaluating
sunscreen chemical impacts in corals.  We've been conducting some
monitoring studies in the USVI (VI National Park) because of their concerns
regarding effects of sunscreen chemicals, and have found relatively high
concentrations of oxybenzone.  So, we are hoping to do some work looking at
effects following exposure to concentrations similar to what we found in
the park, provided we can find funding......

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