[Coral-List] Subject: Re: Coral reef restoration (John Ware - Coral-List Digest, Vol 102, Issue 4)

David Fisk davefisk at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 08:11:28 EST 2017

John, and Others.

Have you looked at the following reference where there are a number of case
studies described in detail which give specific data on Financial, Human,
and sometimes Time resources that were applied to each case study? They
also detail the specific aims of each case study.

>From the case studies, one can estimate full costs of any scaling up of a
restoration aim. The general conclusion from these case studies and more
generally in the Manual was that on current information (up to 2010), it is
not feasible to scale up.

Edwards, A.J. (ed.) (2010). Reef Rehabilitation Manual. Coral Reef Targeted
Research & Capacity Building for Management Program: St Lucia, Australia.
ii + 166 pp.


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