[Coral-List] CORAL data availability

Eric Hochberg eric.hochberg at bios.edu
Sat Feb 11 16:19:54 EST 2017

Deal All,

The NASA-funded COral Reef Airborne Laboratory (CORAL) is making all
data publicly available. This includes airborne spectral images, map
products, and in-water validation data. As the data pass quality
control, they will be uploaded to SeaBASS, the publicly shared archive
of in situ oceanographic and atmospheric data maintained by the NASA
Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG).

To date, CORAL has collected airborne imagery for a few areas of Hawaii,
focusing on Kaneohe Bay, and six sections of the Great Barrier Reef,
from the Capricorn-Bunker Group in the south to the Torres Strait in the
north. In-water validation data have been collected at Kaneohe Bay,
Lizard Island, and Heron Island. Thus far, only the validation data have
passed quality control. They have recently been uploaded to SeaBASS.
These include water optical properties, benthic cover, and benthic
metabolism. The data are accessible here:
https://seabass.gsfc.nasa.gov/experiment/CORAL. There are 126 data files
for Lizard Island, 133 for Heron Island, and 125 for Kaneohe Bay.

For the benthic cover data, the supporting photomosaics are also
https://seabass.gsfc.nasa.gov/search/bio/bio_1486405761923336. Note they
are quite large JPG files (total is ~4GB).

To learn more about CORAL, please visit coral.bios.edu and

Our next campaign - to Hawaii - begins next week (Feb. 13). Campaigns to
the Mariana Islands and Palau are slated for later in the spring.


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