[Coral-List] 1. Portable, easy to use water testing kits (Benjamin Cowburn)

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Hi Benjamin,

I'm an aquarist at Chester Zoo, UK. The API drip test kits are ok for a ball park figure, but if you need a more accurate test kit then I would go for a better titration test. Still very portable and easy to use. I would recommend either the Red Sea Pro test kit or even the D-D test kits (you get more test from the Red Sea test kit. The d-d kit doesn't have many reagents for Mg and so you run out if this test quicker than Ca and Alk).  These will give you a better idea of calcium, magnesium and dKH. They also make phosphate and Nitrate kits (I'm sure they'll do an ammonium and nitrite kit too if you're requiring those). They are pricier but I would say worth it. If you're looking for a cheaper option the Salifert titration test are pretty good too. Here's some links 




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>  1. Portable, easy to use water testing kits (Benjamin Cowburn)

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