[Coral-List] Asian Diver Magazine: Climate Change Issue Request for Content

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Dear Alice,

getting to this response a bit late …

Thanks for reaching out for content and giving us the chance to engage with
the dive community - we certainly grumble about it a lot!!

One report that will be very relevant to your community (and another one
for East Africa less relevant) is available here - http://ocean.panda.org/- if
you scroll down the page to the reports section.

The report is titled “*Reviving Melanesia’s Ocean Economy*” and is put out
by WWF, the Boston Consulting Group and UQ’s Global Change Institute
promoting awareness about the value of the ocean economy in relation to
national economies. I was involved in the East Africa one, and there is a
prior global one as well.

I think its of tremendous significance that tourism comes out among the top
economic sectors when ocean value is quantified - its second behind
commercial fisheries for Melanesia, but even for countries like China, in
our Western Indian Ocean analysis and at the global level, it comes out on

The report has great infographics, and the WWF team can supply you with
additional ones for articles or interactive/social media purposes too.

Please use it extensively!

regards, David Obura


Melanesia is a major part of the Pacific and its people have relied on the
ocean for millennia but as human impacts build, locally and globally, can
the ocean sustain this growing region? This report finds that Melanesia’s
ocean economy is one of the main economic drivers in the region and
describes the major role the ocean plays in providing food, livelihoods and
well-being. As multiple pressures combine to threaten the ocean assets that
deliver so much for the region, the report outlines clear steps for
Melanesia to urgently translate commitments into scaled-up action to
achieve a sustainable and inclusive blue economy and a healthy future.

David Obura

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Request for Content

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Hello Coral List!

I am the senior editor of the magazine Asian Diver.. I am currently putting

together the climate change issue that will be published in support of

ADEX, Asia's biggest dive show.

*We have an opportunity to reach around 200,000 divers in Asia Pacific and

beyond with messages about the impacts of climate change on our oceans.*

We would also like to provide a call to action, to offer ways that the

diving community can become a more positive force in the face of the

challenges our oceans are facing.

Please let me know if you have information, research, stories, solutions,

ideas etc you would like to share with the diving community.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Very best,

Alice Grainger

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