[Coral-List] Parrotfishes and coral reef health

James Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Mon Feb 20 15:12:28 EST 2017

> Subject:
> RE: [Coral-List] Parrotfishes and coral reef health
> From:
> Peter Sale <sale at uwindsor.ca>
> Date:
> 2/20/17, 11:16 AM
> To:
> Billy Causey - NOAA Federal <billy.causey at noaa.gov>, Tim McClanahan
> <tmcclanahan at wcs.org>
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> Francesco Cinelli <posi2donia at gmail.com>, Dennis Hubbard
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> Billy, Tim, Les, others,
> One of the problems with e-mail, or with a system like coral-list, is
> that when a group starts talking, each member chimes in on his/her own
> timeframe, and it becomes difficult to sort out the threads of the
> discussion. 
...and what can make it even more confusing, is when you have a long
holiday weekend and the Coral-List Administrator is therefore not
tending the list, and some of the list contributors attach images or
files...which you are not supposed to do on Coral-List!  There are
reasons why we do it that way, mostly because of the email traffic of
sending out 9,300 emails for each email that is contributed, but also
because we don't want to circulate viruses and similar ilk via
Coral-List (remember, this is a government-sponsored list, so we're
extra careful).  "One of these days" we will transition (plans are in
the works), but not yet!

So PLEASE do not attach files (including images and logos) to your
Coral-List contribution!

Thanks (on Presidents Day),


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