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Tue Feb 28 13:59:34 EST 2017

Good afternoon Coral-List!

Hope you are having a great beginning to your semester. My name is Josh
Coco and I am the Associate Director for the Master of Professional Science
at the University of Miami. I am reaching out to different agencies, clubs
and organizations of the top schools that we receive applications from. I
wanted to see if anyone was interested in doing a Skype/GoToMeeting to talk
about our Master’s Degree programs at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and
Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami sometime in early Spring
semester? We know lots of students are making decisions about where they
want to go to graduate school and I just wanted to see if you all would
like an opportunity to chat as club about our program.

The Master of Professional Science (MPS) is an accelerated, graduate degree
is intended for students who want to generate innovative solutions to
marine, coastal, and climate related issues. Students enrolled in this
program are exposed to a unique, multidisciplinary curriculum, including
science theory, field and laboratory training, legal and regulatory
knowledge, communication and media training, and the development of project
management skills, designed to prepare them to address environmental
challenges as future global leaders.

We have 14 tracks to choose from. The best part of our program is that we
help you customize it toward your interests and career goals.

*Degree Programs <http://mps.rsmas.miami.edu/degree-program/>*

o    Applied Remote Sensing

o    Aquaculture <http://mps.rsmas.miami.edu/degree-program/aquaculture>

o    Broadcast Meteorology

o    Coastal Zone Management

o    Exploration Science

o    Fisheries Management and Conservation

o    JD/MPS Program <http://www.law.miami.edu/academics/jd-mps.php?op=0>

o    Marine Conservation

o    Marine Mammal Science

o    Natural Hazard and Catastrophe Analytics

o    Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management

o    Underwater Archaeology

o    Weather, Climate and Society

o    Weather Forecasting

Looking forward to speaking with you and your colleagues!


Josh Coco, Ed. D.

Associate Director, Master of Professional Science (MPS)

Tel: (305) 421.4304

Fax: (305) 421.4711

Direct: jcoco at rsmas.miami.edu

University of Miami

RSMAS Campus - MPS Office, Room: S/A 132

*4600 Rickenbacker Causeway

*Miami, FL 33149-1031

MPS: mps at rsmas.miami.edu

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