[Coral-List] Study Invitation: Expert Disagreement in Climate Science

Beebe, James jbeebe2 at buffalo.edu
Tue Jan 3 11:23:10 EST 2017

You are invited to participate in a study being conducted by members of the When Experts Disagree project (http://whenexpertsdisagree.ucd.ie<http://whenexpertsdisagree.ucd.ie/>), an interdisciplinary research project funded by the Irish Research Council. The goal of the project is to gain a better understanding of the role and consequences of disagreement among scientific experts and its implications for policy decisions by governmental agencies and the formation of public opinion.

You will be asked some questions about disagreement concerning climate science and how you think about that disagreement, as well as a few questions about yourself.

Your participation in this study should take approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

If your birthday falls between January and June, please click here: https://vovici.com/wsb.dll/s/8727g59b0b.

If your birthday falls between July and December, please click here: https://vovici.com/wsb.dll/s/8727g59cbe.

This study is being conducted by Prof. James Beebe (Dept. of Philosophy, University at Buffalo, jbeebe2 at buffalo.edu<mailto:jbeebe2 at buffalo.edu>), Maria Baghramian (Dept. of Philosophy, University College Dublin, maria.baghramian at ucd.ie<mailto:maria.baghramian at ucd.ie>), and Luke Drury (Dublin Institute for Advanced Study, Luke.Drury at dias.ie<mailto:Luke.Drury at dias.ie>). Results from the study will be published at http://whenexpertsdisagree.ucd.ie<http://whenexpertsdisagree.ucd.ie/>. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of the investigators for more information.?

/ James R. Beebe, Ph.D.
/ Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
/ Director, Experimental Epistemology Research Group
/ Member, Center for Cognitive Science
/ Web: http://www.buffalo.edu/~jbeebe2
/ Office: 106 Park Hall
/ State University of New York at Buffalo
/ Buffalo, NY 14260-4150

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