[Coral-List] What is the ONE most important ocean-problem that we need to solve? - 7 question survey

Carin Jantzen carin.jantzen at gmx.net
Wed Jan 11 04:55:39 EST 2017

Hi Barbara

It would be nice to know what kind of project that is, what it aims at 
etc... and why you want to over-simplify things like 'What is the one 
most important problem'?. Usually that's the problem with everything, 
there is not one problem, one solution, one opinion... so is there are 
reason for finding the ONE problem apart from curiosity?

I find it also a bit strange that you have listed OA as a threat, but 
are missing rising (sea water) temperature by climate change... If we 
dont solve THAT problem, we may not have to bother about rest.



Am 09.01.2017 um 21:15 schrieb Barbara Gratzer:
> Dear "Corraliphil's",
> I am currently working on an important project and would like to find out
> what your take on this is.
> Please take 5 minutes of your pressures time to answer 7 questions
> following this link:
> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdAGKoqh9YYNU104zWKNGw3xHR2SDChwOqNeCsvJakRVwu5Zg/viewform
> I cannot wait to read your answers and thank you very much for your time!
> Kind regards and a wonderful year ahead,
> Barbara Gratzer
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