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I agree that this should be a matter for scientific debate and not a political football-so why are you trying to make it one? If you Americans don't stop polarising things through an "us or them" lens, reefs will indeed suffer-as will people.

Your re-telling of the story of William Gray is so slanted as to be almost unrecognisable.

Gene's a good friend, and a man I admire. (In fact, I am just now reading some of his "old" stuff, which-being 30 years ahead of its time-is current right now.) He would be the first to say he was not a climate expert. And Judy Lang has, I think, crystallised the debate as to origin of the terminology.
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 I suggest more scientists listen to geologists like Gene Shinn on the subject of climate change/global warming. Few can match his qualifications, and this is really more a geologic phenomenon than biological or meteorological. I remember when top meteorologist William Gray spoke out against global warming and the governor of Colorado tried to get him fired. This is a scientific issue and should not be a political one.
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