[Coral-List] #oceanoptimism, sort of...

Peter Sale sale at uwindsor.ca
Sun Jan 22 22:16:05 EST 2017

Hi listers,
I've just posted some further thoughts on how we can effectively get people to act to reduce footprints and save coral reefs.  I'm still trying to find the hook that will work with the less committed public, getting them to realize that the degradation of coral reefs is not just another 'just so' story from the world of nature, but a sign of a serious problem for humanity.

The post is at http://wp.me/p5UInC-Ce and harks back to some comments I made 8 years ago, at the 11th ICRS.  Some of you may remember.

Also, there is a recent podcast by Randy Olson, who seems to be too shy to post to coral-list himself, on the topic of communicating effectively about coral reef demise.  It is here:

I'm seriously interested in finding a more effective way to communicate about reefs, because they are important to me, and because I think they are telling us something really important.  Plus, particularly in the closing days of January 2017, it is nice to be able to advocate for ethical behavior!

Peter Sale

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