[Coral-List] Seeking information on Caribbean climate change impacts

Rich Wilson rich at seatoneconsulting.com
Tue Jan 24 13:38:55 EST 2017

Greeting Colleagues,

*I am beginning work on a concise review of current scientific
understanding of the impacts of climate change on mangroves in the coastal
and marine environments** of Caribbean Small Island Developing States. *My
work will be used to develop the mangrove chapter for a report card,
produced by a UK organization, focused on overall climate change impacts in
the Caribbean.

I realize this is coral-list, but I'm reaching out here as I suspect that
many relevant mangrove studies may overlap with coral reefs and coastal
ecosystems more generally.

I am particularly, though not exclusively, focused on the following SIDs,
especially when drawing out any particular case study material:

   - Antigua and Barbuda
   - Belize
   - Dominica
   - Grenada
   - Guyana
   - Jamaica
   - Saint Lucia
   - Saint Vincent & Grenadines

*I welcome any insights on peer reviewed papers, local projects and
initiatives, or contact persons that can help inform my work as I begin a
literature review. *

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. You can email me directly
at richATseatoneconsulting.com

*Rich Wilson, CPF*
Founder and Executive Director
Seatone Consulting

*Inspired by the concept of an ecotone—where distinct ecological systems
meet and integrate—Seatone Consulting brings together people from diverse
backgrounds and interests to create collaborative, lasting solutions to the
world's most pressing conservation and sustainability challenges.*

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