[Coral-List] Harnessing US whistleblower rewards to finance MPAs, fight illegal fishing

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Mon Jan 30 14:01:49 EST 2017

Hi everyone,

An article in the current MPA News explores the potential for harnessing US whistleblower rewards to fight illegal fishing and raise funds for conservation, including for MPAs. It's an intriguing concept that won Grand Prize in last year's Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge. Whistleblower laws are already being applied to good success in addressing MARPOL violations: some whistleblowers have received judgments of over $1 million (!). You don't need to be a US citizen to be eligible for the rewards.

The article is at https://mpanews.openchannels.org/news/mpa-news/could-us-whistleblower-laws-open-new-financing-stream-mpas-worldwide

The same issue of MPA News has an article on how private investors are looking for conservation-related investment opportunities, and what MPA managers can do to make their sites "investment-ready". That article is at https://mpanews.openchannels.org/news/mpa-news/400-billion-potential-private-investment-conservation-investors-looking-projects-what


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