[Coral-List] Ecological Genomics workshops (MEGA2017)

Mikhail Matz matz at utexas.edu
Tue Jan 31 19:33:04 EST 2017

Dear colleagues - 

I am pleased to announce our yearly workshop in the Florida Keys, where we endeavor to teach useful ecological genomics techniques to non-molecular biologists:
http://ecogeno.weebly.com/ <http://ecogeno.weebly.com/> 

The two workshops are designed for science professionals ready to apply the acquired knowledge in their ongoing projects: senior graduate students, postdocs, researchers and faculty. We teach wet lab techniques (DNA and RNA isolation and quality control, preparation of next-generation sequencing libraries) and a lot of bioinformatics. 

The first workshop (June 4-10) will focus on demographic analysis (population structure, population sizes and migration rates) using 2bRAD. 

The second workshop (June 10-17) will be on genome-wide gene expression analysis with TagSeq, focusing on how to “go beyond the gene list” to draw definitive conclusions from confusing (and often quite messy) gene expression data. 

Prior molecular biology or bioinformatic experience is not required!

More details about what we teach: http://ecogeno.weebly.com/what-we-teach.html <http://ecogeno.weebly.com/what-we-teach.html>
Costs and instructions about how to sign up: http://ecogeno.weebly.com/registration--payment.html <http://ecogeno.weebly.com/registration--payment.html>

Workshops are limited to 12 participants each.
Deadline for registration is April 15, 2017.


Mikhail V. Matz
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Department of Integrative Biology
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