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Hi Steve.

To-day's news contains "90% of Americans do not know there is a scientific consensus on global warming."

Advertising works. Budweiser (a shockingly ordinary beer) is the #1 seller in Ontario, Canada. Why? Because they advertise at sporting events.

"They" have way more advertising money than "we" do.

Some time in the early 2000's, I was asked by NOAA to come to Key Largo and help evaluate the Florida reef-monitoring programs. FMRI presented their description of disaster. In the report, I wrote "This is a regional mass extinction." That phrase was removed. I said, "monitoring has worked. It has shown the rate of decline. Now there needs to be something done to reduce the stresses." The evidence for land-based stress was overwhelming, but fixing those would have meant going up against...big bucks.

Fixing the atmosphere...whoo. Up against even bigger bucks.

No, I won't apologize to people who drink Bud.

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Dear Gene,

Your analogy doesn't take into account the fact that many on this list who monitor coral reefs actively promote and advocate for direct action to be taken to correct the problems.  I do not view coral scientists as standing by happily accepting the role of dispassionate observers of a vanishing ecosystem.   Gene, you have scrutinized these disturbing developments for longer than most.   Philosophize for me.  How do you account for the fact that for all these years the clear warnings and suggested countermeasures of so many dedicated coral scientists have been met with such callous disregard?


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> Coral-listers that have cable TV may have seen the Geico commercial that
> is shown several times each day. It shows people lying on the floor of a
> Bank looking up at a man in a uniform that looks like a bank guard. They
> tell him, "we are being robbed aren't you going to do anything about
> it?"  The man replies "I am not a guard." I am just here to monitor the
> situation" He looks over at the men with guns at says "Yes, it is a
> robbery." Those who monitor coral reefs might appreciate the analogy. Gene
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