[Coral-List] Request for Data on Global Marine Phenomenon

Grace C. Young grace.young at some.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jul 10 19:50:37 EDT 2017

Hi Coral Listers,

At NASA this summer there's a crack team of four excellent data scientists
looking at correlations between solar flares and terrestrial phenomenon.
It's known for example that solar flares affect our magnetic field and so
occasionally disrupt the electrical grid. This summer they'll able to look
at absurdly large data sets in meaningful ways thanks to resources from
NASA and partners.

They asked me if there is data about marine phenomenon that might (even
with low probability) be connected to solar flares. Do any of you have any
global-scale data that you'd like to see if is related solar flares?

Grace C. Young • University of Oxford
Twitter: @grace_h2o <https://twitter.com/grace_h2o>

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