[Coral-List] Bob Ginsburg"s passing

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Wed Jul 12 21:21:37 EDT 2017

How sad. A lot of us Acroporids are going to miss ol' Bob. :(

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> With great sadness I regret to report that Robert N. Ginsburg, (Most
> of you know as Bob) passed away July 9, 2017. Bob was 91 and had been in
> assisted living for the past few years. Few individuals have influenced
> the course of carbonate geology and coral reef studies more over the
> past 60 years than Robert Nathan Ginsburg. Had he not set the course,
> comparative sedimentology as we now know it might never have flourished.
> More important, though, was Bob?s rare ability to influence those around
> him to think, to ask the ?So what?? or ?What does it mean?? questions
> that we so often forget to ask. Bob can be likened to a Renaissance man,
> a visiting scholar from the past centuries. His approach to science was
> both philosophical and pragmatic, a natural historian?s attitude that at
> first seems out of step with today?s high-tech computer model-driven
> science. We will all miss him. Gene
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