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   Dear Coral List,

   The MEAM (Marine Ecosystems and Management) newsletter just published a
   short interview with Rowan Jacobsen, the author of the Great Barrier Reef
   "obituary" that appeared in Outside Magazine last year. There was a lot of
   discussion of that article on this forum, and I thought a lot of you would
   be interested in reading what Rowan had to say about how the obituary came
   about (the published version was a bit different than what he had intended)
   and   reactions   he   got   to   it.   You  can  read  the  interview
   here: [1]https://meam.openchannels.org/news/meam/can-pessimism-have-positive

   This article is part of a series of three articles about optimism/pessimism
   in marine conservation and management. The lead article provides a lot of
   great viewpoints and links to psychology and marketing research about how
   optimism      can      help      conservation      and      management

   And a contributed editorial argues that worry and pessimism may be able to
   stand in for disaster as a catalyst for the governance changes needed for
   ocean health

   If you have any comments, we'd love to hear them, either by email them to
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   Best wishes,

   Sarah Carr

   Sarah D. Carr

   Editor, [5]Marine Ecosystems and Management

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   Dear MEAM readers,
   Welcome  to  the July-August 2017 issue of MEAM (Marine Ecosystems and
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   Sarah Carr, Editor

MEAM (Marine Ecosystems and Management) Newsletter - July-August 2017

   [9]Can optimism help your ocean conservation and management work? To find
   out, MEAM interviewed an all-star roster of ocean optimists, including
   founders of the Ocean Optimism movement and psychologists/conservation
   behavior  researchers.  Learn  how  ocean  optimism [10]can help ocean
   conservationists  and managers in their day-to-day decision making and
   communication with the public.
   [11]Can pessimism have a positive impact? Interview with Rowan Jacobsen
   about  the recent obituary of the Great Barrier Reef. In October 2016,
   Outside magazine published a satirical obituary for the Great Barrier Reef.
   The author Rowan Jacobsen discusses [12]reactions to the article, impacts it
   seems to have had, how it came about, and whether he would write it again.
   [13]Tundi's Take: In Praise of Pessimism. "... maybe before leading us to
   the  point  of giving up, pessimism can reach a threshold that incites
   dramatic collective action." Read why [14]pessimism could be a motivating
   force for improved ocean governance.
   [15]Latest News and Resources for Ocean Planners
     * [16]New European study elaborates best practices for MSP across borders
       and on high seas and provides four detailed case studies on cross-border
     * [17]UN ocean conference concludes with call for action and over 1300
     * [18]UN IOC reports on status of ocean science around the world
     * [19]Global coral bleaching event likely ending
     * [20]Concerns about direction of US ocean policy under President Trump
     * [21]Experts  find  biodiversity  loss from deep sea mining will be
     * [22]Impacts of fishing on open-ocean ecosystems reviewed
     * [23]Toolbox provides checklist for applying ecosystem-based approach to
     * [24]Annual assessment finds global ocean health generally steady over
       past five years

   [25]Need to get up to speed quickly on a marine conservation or management
   topic? Check out the new Top Lists! OpenChannels' "Top Lists" are concise
   selections of diverse resources on specific topics in marine conservation
   and management. Current Top Lists include:
     * [26]Financing for Ocean Conservation and Planning
     * [27]Marketing and Communications for Effective Ocean Planning/Management
     * [28]Engaging the Business Community
     * [29]Marine Debris
     * [30]Blue Growth and the Blue Economy
     * [31]Blue Carbon
     * [32]Initiating and Managing an MSP Process
     * [33]Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement
     * [34]Conflict Resolution in Ocean Planning
     * [35]Using Genetic Information for Ocean Planning and Management
     * [36]Marine Protected Area Enforcement
     * [37]UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Ocean
     * [38]Planning and Management in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ)
     * [39]Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQs) and Catch Shares

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