[Coral-List] Project for undergraduate/graduate student in coral reef ecology at CRIOBE

Maggy Nugues maggy.nugues at univ-perp.fr
Thu Jul 20 05:04:56 EDT 2017

Hello Coral Listers,

We are seeking a motivated student to conduct research on coral 
recruitment processes at the CRIOBE research station (www.criobe.pf) in 
French Polynesia. The applicants will have the opportunity to acquire 
field and laboratory research skills in coral reef ecology. They will 
conduct coral settlement assays in response to crustose coralline algae 
(CCA) and chemical extracts, study the impact of environmental stressors 
on coral settlement cues, and follow interactions between coral recruits 
and CCA in the field. They will learn how to collect coral spawn and 
rear coral larvae.

Qualifications: The student will need to be already enrolled in a 
programme at another institution. Applicants MUST be certified SCUBA 
divers (minimum qualification : CMAS** or PADI Rescue Diver) with at 
least 20 logged dives. Applicants should have a classroom/laboratory 
background in ecology and marine biology. Experience working on coral 
reefs is preferred. Candidates should be physically fit, willing to work 
for long hours, comfortable working in and on water, fluent in English 
or French, and have good team and communication skills.

Duration of the project is 3 months (mid-september to mid-december 
2017). All laboratory and diving costs will be covered and a monthly 
stipend (about 550 euros per month) will be available. Applicants are 
required to pay for their own travel and diving insurance. They should 
also provide their own diving equipment.

Interested candidates should send a motivation letter and CV with list 
of referees to Maggy Nugues (maggy.nugues at univ-perp.fr) by July 31, 2017.



Dr. Maggy M. NUGUES
Maître de conférences EPHE / Associate Professor
PSL Research University
Laboratoire d'Excellence “CORAIL”

USR 3278 - Centre de Biologie et d'Ecologie Tropicale et Méditerranéenne (CBETM)
Université de Perpignan (UPVD) - bâtiment R
58 Av. Paul Alduy - 66860 Perpignan cedex, France
Centre de Recherche Insulaire et Observatoire de l'Environnement (CRIOBE)
BP 1013 - 98 729, Papetoai, Moorea, Polynésie française

Tel : (33) (0)4 68 66 21 56, Fax : (33) (0)4 68 50 36 86
Email : maggy.nugues at univ-perp.fr / maggy.nugues at criobe.pf
Skype: maggy.nugues at ephe.sorbonne.fr
Lab website: http://www.criobe.pf/

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