[Coral-List] Effects of nuclear testing on coral reefs

Douglas Fenner douglasfennertassi at gmail.com
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Thanks, Peter!  I wasn't aware of that paper.  I see that Google Scholar
has a link to a copy on Researchgate, open, I just downloaded it.  I see
the abstract says that fish populations recovered in 1-5 years.

Cheers,  Doug

On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 4:53 PM, Peter Sale <sale at uwindsor.ca> wrote:

> Hi,
> The recent comments by Doug Fenner and Maria Beger concerning status of
> coral reefs on atolls of the northern Marshall Islands, reminded me of a
> paper I had a hand in in 2005.
> The paper concerned the impacts on fish communities of the nuclear tests
> carrier out on Mururoa Atoll.  Despite being published in Ecology, it has
> been cited relatively few times.  That may mean that the results were so
> surprising that people did not know what to do with them, or it may be
> something to do with politics and the fact that much of the western world
> was uptight over French testing on Mururoa - a bit of anglo "only America
> gets to blow up atolls, and only the UK gets to use other people's deserts
> for nuclear testing with impunity" sort of thing.  I don't know for sure.
> Anyhow, the paper said nothing about coral but much about fish communities
> that seemed to recover quite well, as I remember.
> The citation is Planes, S., R. Galzin, J.-P. Bablet, and P.F. Sale, 2005.
> Stability of coral reef fish assemblages impacted by nuclear tests.
> Ecology 86: 2578-2585.
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