[Coral-List] 2nd try: Interview with author of Great Barrier Reef obituary

meam at sdcarr.com meam at sdcarr.com
Mon Jul 24 15:43:28 EDT 2017

   Dear Coral List,

   I posted last week about an interview with Rowan Jacobsen, the author of the
    2016 Great Barrier Reef "obituary", that we just published in the MEAM
   (Marine  Ecosystems and Management) newsletter (the interview, not the
   obituary). The links in my original post weren't usable due to formatting
   issues. So if you had problem with those links and still want to read the
   interview, here it a usable link:


   Also, this interview was part of a short series about optimism/pessimism and
   their influence on marine conservation and management. The other articles

   Can optimism help your ocean conservation and management work?


   In praise of pessimism


   Please get in touch if you have any thoughts on these articles that you
   would like to share!

   Sarah Carr

   Sarah D. Carr

   Editor, Marine Ecosystems and Management

   [4]meam at sdcarr.com


   1. https://meam.openchannels.org/node/18250
   2. https://meam.openchannels.org/node/18252
   3. https://meam.openchannels.org/node/18248
   4. mailto:meam at sdcarr.com

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