[Coral-List] SpongeBob Bikini fight in Busuanga

Gregor Hodgson gregorh at reefcheck.org
Mon Jul 24 15:26:54 EDT 2017

Given the over-abundance of sad news, I offer this short note from a
colleagueŠ names changed to protect the innocent.
Dear All,
Currently in Palawan to  join the resistance of Spongebob against
If it's really urgent, text me.  Junior

I hope this note brought a smile to some readers. But of course there is a
serious issue at stake. Viacom/Nickelodeon are fronting for a Filipino
developer Paul Moñozca to create a major condo/resort development in Coron
town on Busuanga Island, north of the Palawan mainland. Moñozca came up with
the original plan in 2011 including underwater living units.
http://www.coralworldparkexperience.com/411332506. The new government seems
set to approve the project.

This is not far from El Nido where I did my PhD research on
sedimentation/corals and ecological economic analyses with John Dixon on
tourism vs. logging in 1985-86. One of my findings was that road building
more than anything else,  created acute increases in sedimentation that
could begin a process of coral reef degradation through bacterial
infections. According to a recent presentation by Al Licuanan of De LaSalle
Univ., there are now no more ³excellent² reefs in the Philippines.  However,
some of the better remaining reefs are in Busuanga.

The real developer is a Monaco-registered shelf company  owned by Paul
Moñozca whose  ³philanthropic" Dr. AB Moñozca Foundation already claims to
have provided a ³grant²  (to its own development company CWP) that was used
to set up the 2nd largest MPA in the world near Busuanga.
"1.1 Philippines: Support the Coral Reef's and it's marine life, coral world
ABMF funded Park, creating the 2nd largest marine reserve in the world, next
to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. The project paves the way for green
showcase and Category 5 Proof of architecture, renewable energy, recycling,
food adequacy platforms and providing unique solutions to create cities of
the future."

Funny I don¹t recall hearing about this giant MPAŠ.

If you have not done so, and would like to voice your opinion regarding
these convoluted plans please add your comments at:

Gregor Hodgson, PhD
Executive Director

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