[Coral-List] CRESCYNT Toolbox: Data Discovery in support of coral reef research

Ouida Meier omeier at hawaii.edu
Fri Jul 28 00:09:47 EDT 2017

One of the ways the CRESCYNT Coral Reef Science and Cyberinfrastructure
Network has made progress is by serving as a collective coral reef use case for
EarthCube projects in building new software tools. One of those projects is
CINERGI: http://cinergi.sdsc.edu. It registers lists of resources –
especially online repositories and individual online datasets, plus
documents and software tools – and then enriches the descriptors to make
the resources more searchable and therefore discoverable.

CINERGI has already registered over 11,000 specifically coral reef datasets
and data repositories. The interface features spatial search options, and
you can contribute additional entries to register, making the tool
increasingly valuable to this community.

Read more on the CRESCYNT blog at http://crescyntblog.wordpress.com - take
CINERGI for a spin, contribute listings you don't see included, and let us
know how it can be improved.

Cheers, Ouida

(on behalf of CRESCYNT investigators, Ruth D Gates, PI)

Ouida W. Meier, Ph.D.
omeier at hawaii.edu
* Data Manager, 'Ike Wai
ITS-Cyberinfrastructure, Univ of Hawai'i
*Program Manager, EarthCube Coral Reef Science & Cyberinfrastructure Network
Hawai'i Inst of Marine Biology, Univ of Hawai'i
crescynt.org | crescyntblog.wordpress.com

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