[Coral-List] sponge bioerosion

Dennis Hubbard dennis.hubbard at oberlin.edu
Tue Jun 6 15:34:57 EDT 2017

Hi all:

I am trying to relocate a paper that came across my desk in the past few
months. It relates to using either total surface-sponge cover or the number
of papillae per unit area as a proxy for internal bioerosion *rate*. I
believe it was a follow-up on work reported in Chris Perry's ReefBudget
protocol, but he is in the field right now and unavailable.

Liz Whitcher and I completed a study a few years back where we used past
video transects to pinpoint the time of death for specific corals to within
2 months. As a result, we were able to compute infaunal bioerosion rates
without using the usual tile deployments. We still have the samples in the
lab and photographed each dead colony before (in situ) and immediately
after sampling (on the boat). I have a student who would like to compare
surficial information to Liz' bioerosion rates to see how close they are to
other recent data. If anyone can refresh my failing memory regarding the
recent papers that specifically compare surficial information to internal
bioerosion, I'd be very appreciative.



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