[Coral-List] Chagos Information Portal launched

Helen Pitman helen.pitman at chagos-trust.org
Thu Jun 8 03:03:34 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

Today on World Oceans Day the Chagos Conservation Trust, thanks to funding
from the John Ellerman Foundation, has launched the new Chagos Information
Portal, ChIP!


With over 300 publications, 50 expeditions and 600 videos and photos this
is a comprehensive portal focusing 100% on the Chagos Archipelago.

The portal features an interactive map that takes you on a journey across
the archipelago where you can visit some of the islands and read, watch and
learn about the ecosystem and science conducted there.

You can also visit Birds of Chagos
<http://chagosinformationportal.org/birds> and Corals of Chagos
<http://chagosinformationportal.org/corals> - online encyclopedias of the
biodiversity of the Chagos Archipelago.

ChIP will continue to grow and expand as new research and information is
added and is a vital resource for anyone interested this amazing part of
the world.

We hope you enjoy the portal and find it useful and interesting!


*Helen Pitman*
*Director, Chagos Conservation Trust*
Call: +44 7424245661
Skype: helen_pitman
Tweet: @hpitman
Web: www.chagos-trust.org
*The Chagos Conservation Trust - **Protecting a unique environment in the
Indian Ocean*

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