[Coral-List] Invasive mesophotic lionfish records

Dominic Andradi-Brown dominic.andradi-brown at zoo.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jun 8 10:56:53 EDT 2017

Hi All,

I'm currently writing a review of non-native lionfish at mesophotic depths
in the western Atlantic and also in the Mediterranean for an upcoming
Springer Coral Reefs of the World Book on mesophotic reefs.

I've gathered quite a lot of mesophotic records of lionfish in the table
below, but am aware that I'm probably missing some and a lot of countries
are not represented. I'm specifically looking for lionfish records from
deeper than 30 m that are published in papers, reports etc. If anyone knows
of any additional records of non-native lionfish >30 m depth I'd really
appreciate a heads up!

I'm also aware that there's a few groups that have manuscripts in press/in
revision on mesophotic lionfish. If you do and would be willing to share
these that would be much appreciated, as we're looking at a 2018
publication date for the review.

Many thanks,

*Mesophotic lionfish studies*

*Western Atlantic:*


*Max depth (m)*

*Mesophotic Lionfish References*

Cayman Islands


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Conrad Seamount, Anegada Passage


(Quattrini et al. 2017)



(de León et al. 2013; Tornabene and Baldwin 2017; Andradi-Brown et al.
2017b) (Pinheiro et al. 2016)

Gulf of Mexico - northern


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Gulf of Mexico - southern


(Aguilar-Perera and Tuz-Sulub 2010) (Aguilar-Perera et al. 2016)



(Schofield 2010; Gress et al. 2017; Andradi-Brown et al. 2017a; 2017b)

Mexico - Yucatan


(Gress et al. *in review*)

Puerto Rico


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et al. 2012) (Appeldoorn et al. 2016) (Armstrong 2016)

USA - Florida


(Whitfield et al. 2002; Meister et al. 2005; Andradi-Brown et al. 2016) (Reed
et al. 2015)

USA – The Carolinas and Georgia


(Meister et al. 2005) (Whitfield et al. 2002; 2014)

*Mediterranean (including Aegean etc):*


*Max depth (m)*




(Kletou et al. 2016)


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