[Coral-List] Inquiry regarding marine protected area management effectiveness evaluation

Rich Wilson rich at seatoneconsulting.com
Thu Jun 8 14:21:48 EDT 2017

Greetings Colleagues,

This summer Seatone Consulting, working under contract with The Nature
Conservancy, will conduct a rapid capacity assessment/management
effectiveness evaluation of the Jamaica Fish Sanctuary Network, which
comprises more than a dozen protected marine sites around the country.
Following the assessment, Seatone will work closely with TNC staff to
design a week long training that addresses priority training needs of the
organizations which manage these sites.

I am interested to hear about any projects or studies in the Caribbean
region or elsewhere which have utilized any of the following methodologies,
in a marine context, to conduct an assessment and then utilize the results
to either design a training or guide capacity building and conservation
investment at the assessed sites.

   - Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (Marine version)
   - Rapid Assessment and Prioritization of Protected Area Management
   (RAPPAM) Methodology
   - How is Your MPA Doing? A Guidebook of Natural and Social Indicators
   for Evaluating Marine Protected Area Management Effectiveness
   - Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation
   - TNC's Conservation Action Planning methodology

I am familiar with a good bit of work in the Caribbean as it relates to
this topic. That said, I would like to identify programs or projects for
which I might not be familiar, and from which lessons (positive or
negative) have been learned that may benefit the Jamaica Fish Sanctuary

Thank you,
*Rich Wilson, CPF*
Founder and Executive Director
Seatone Consulting
Web: www.seatoneconsulting.com
Phone: 415-515-2317

*Inspired by the concept of an ecotone—where distinct ecological systems
meet and integrate—Seatone Consulting brings together people from diverse
backgrounds and interests to create collaborative, lasting solutions to the
world's most pressing conservation and sustainability challenges.*

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