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Thu Jun 8 15:41:57 EDT 2017

Dear coral-list,

We would like to bring your attention to a session at the European Coral
Reef Symposium (December 13th-15th) entitled: "The capacity of corals to
adapt or acclimatise to climate change in the anthropocene".

Abstract submission is open until June 30th. We are looking forward to
receiving your abstract!

James Guest, David Smith, Barbara Brown, John Bythell, David Suggett, Emma
Camp & Eslam Osman

Reef-building corals are vulnerable to climatic change, particularly the
effects of ocean warming and acidification. One of the most important
questions for biodiversity conservation is whether species will adapt,
acclimatise, migrate or be extirpated due to maladaptation to new
environmental conditions. The overarching aim of this session is to bring
together a broad range of scientific expertise in the fields of coral
adaptation and acclimatisation. The session will be divided into three
major themes/questions: 1) how have some corals adapted to living in
extreme or sub-optimal environments such as the Persian-Arabian Gulf, 2)
what causes natural variation in susceptibility to stress within and among
species during disturbances and 3) can we harness knowledge about the
adaptive capacity of corals to “assist” evolution by pre-preparing reefs
with selectively bred corals? We hope to receive presentations from
researchers studying both the natural variation in corals to adapt and
acclimatise to climate related disturbances and those working on applied
techniques to accelerate rates of adaptation and acclimatisation within
coral populations. The session will include talks on mechanisms of stress
tolerance; ecological, physiological and genomic aspects of corals living
in extreme environments and the potential for 'assisted' evolution in reef

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