[Coral-List] Inquiry regarding marine protected area management effectiveness evaluation

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Dear Rich and Colleagues,

In response to Rich’s request regarding frameworks to assess management effectiveness and using these results for trainings and capacity building, I wanted to share a useful tool that our firm, Blue Earth Consultants (Blue Earth), a division of Eastern Research Group (ERG), Inc., developed related to MPA management effectiveness. In 2012, Blue Earth conducted research on cases of successful MPA networks and large MPA implementation. Our research was informed by examining scientific and grey literature and interviews with key experts and marine protected area managers. Based on this research, we developed a framework identifying five key elements for successful, effective MPA implementation, including: 1) legal framework; 2) strong management plan; 3) operational capacity (including surveillance and enforcement; monitoring and evaluation, and outreach); 4) social capital; and 5) long-term financial sustainability.  Following development of this framework, we subsequently used it to assess the status of these elements within MPAs and MPA networks in California, Oregon, and Costa Rica, using the results of our analyses to conduct trainings and capacity building activities with key decision-makers in government and partners as well as MPA managers and providing management entities with recommended mechanisms for strengthening these elements.

The full report describing this framework, components of each effectiveness element, and showing how we applied the framework in California is available at http://www.blueearthconsultants.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Key_Elements_and_Innovations_for_MPA_Implementation_Public.pdf. Additionally, for a description of our implementation of this framework in Oregon, please visit http://www.blueearthconsultants.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/FINAL_BEC_Packard_Oregon_Marine_Reserve_Key_Elements_Report.pdf. 

We encourage others to apply this framework in their assessment of MPA management effectiveness and are also open to feedback on the framework. If you have questions about the framework or its application, please feel free to email me Tegan.hoffmann at erg.com or Blue Earth Senior Analyst Diana Pietri at diana.pietri at erg.com .

Warmest regards,

Tegan Hoffmann

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Greetings Colleagues,

This summer Seatone Consulting, working under contract with The Nature Conservancy, will conduct a rapid capacity assessment/management effectiveness evaluation of the Jamaica Fish Sanctuary Network, which comprises more than a dozen protected marine sites around the country.
Following the assessment, Seatone will work closely with TNC staff to design a week long training that addresses priority training needs of the organizations which manage these sites.

I am interested to hear about any projects or studies in the Caribbean region or elsewhere which have utilized any of the following methodologies, in a marine context, to conduct an assessment and then utilize the results to either design a training or guide capacity building and conservation investment at the assessed sites.

   - Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (Marine version)
   - Rapid Assessment and Prioritization of Protected Area Management
   (RAPPAM) Methodology
   - How is Your MPA Doing? A Guidebook of Natural and Social Indicators
   for Evaluating Marine Protected Area Management Effectiveness
   - Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation
   - TNC's Conservation Action Planning methodology

I am familiar with a good bit of work in the Caribbean as it relates to this topic. That said, I would like to identify programs or projects for which I might not be familiar, and from which lessons (positive or
negative) have been learned that may benefit the Jamaica Fish Sanctuary Network.

Thank you,
*Rich Wilson, CPF*
Founder and Executive Director
Seatone Consulting
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