[Coral-List] Passing of Pedro Alcolado

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Dear Alan and Coral-Listers,
I regret that I never had the opportunity to meet Pedro, but I had several correspondences with him over the last few years both on and off list. Regardless of his prominence in the field of the marine sciences, he always took the time to exchange ideas on topics that were of interest to me. In every instance I could clearly sense his genuine, heartfelt concern for the future of coral reefs around the world. Somehow I would like his family and colleagues to know that I greatly appreciated the hope and encouragement that he provided me. Thank you Pedro, you truly made a difference.

Steve Mussman       

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>Dear coral-list members,
>It is with a heavy heart and deep appreciation for his commitment to coral
>reef conservation that I share with you that Dr. Pedro Alcolado (Profe
>Pedro) passed way last night. Pedro was one of the top Cuban marine
>scientists who contributed to innumerable scientific projects resulting in
>dozens scientific articles and books. Beyond his excellent scientific
>career, Pedro was known as a great instructor who advocated for deeply and
>open discussion that we, his students, will always remember.
>Es con profundo dolor y reconocimiento a su trabajo para la conservación marina
>de los arrecifes coralinos que les informo que el Dr. Pedro Alcolado
>falleció en horas de la noche. Pedro fue uno de los mejores  investigadores
>marinos cubanos que contribuyo en innumerables proyectos que culminaron
>en artículos y libros científicos. Mas allá de su excelente carrera
>científica, Pedro
>fue conocido como un gran instructor que siempre nos enseño, a nosotros sus
>estudiantes, la discusión científica profunda y libre que siempre
>We offered our sincerest condolences to his family and colleagues at the
>Institute of Oceanology, Cuba.
>Le enviamos nuestras condolencias a su familia y colegas del Instituto de
>Alain Duran (Florida International University, US)
>Patricia Gonzalez-Diaz (Centro de Investigaciones Marinas, Cuba)
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