[Coral-List] Global risk of deadly heat

Douglas Fenner douglasfennertassi at gmail.com
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Thank you, Vassil!

A short, general interest article on this topic:

Heatwaves to soar above the hot air of climate politics.



This article and the one Vassil pointed to are about the effects of global
warming on human mortality.  They don't mention coral reefs.  But the
original article does predict that tropical countries like Indonesia, the
Philippines, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka will have temperatures and humidity
above a level lethal to humans 365 days a year in most of their area by
2100 if we were to continue business as usual.  That could be interpreted
as meaning those countries might be largely uninhabitable by humans (or
not, depending on technology like air conditioning, electricity supply,
costs vs limited funds, etc.).  Not having people or having fewer people
would seem likely to reduce local human impacts on coral reefs.  Using more
resources to produce electricity to keep people cool might increase impacts
on reefs.  So maybe these articles are indeed very relevant to coral reefs.

Cheers,  Doug

On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 7:50 AM, Vassil Zlatarski <vzlatarski at gmail.com>

> Dear Coral-Listers,
> Hope of colleguial interest:
> Mora, Camilo et 17 al. 2017. Global risk of deadly heat. Nature Climate
> Change.
> http://www.soc.hawaii.edu/mora/Publications/Mora%20059.pdf
> Cheers,
> Vassil
> Vassil Zlatarski
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