[Coral-List] Bioinformatics Position at AOML (Miami, FL)

James Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 2 12:46:08 EST 2017


    This is the same job as previously posted, only a little different. 
We've had a few good applicants, only to see them change their mind due
to personal considerations at home.  We'd REALLY like to get a good
person for this, so the requirements are a little more selective, and so
is the pay (based on education and experience).  Please visit our Web
site to learn more about our research environment. 

    Senior Research Associate II – Bioinformatics – duration: 2 years –
    position# P100014223

    The University of Miami, in collaboration with the National Oceanic
    and Atmospheric Administration, is seeking a full-time
    bioinformatician for a minimum of 2 years to conduct analysis of
    metagenomic and metatranscriptomic Next-Generation-Sequencing data
    from marine ecosystems.  The Cooperative Institute for Marine and
    Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS) of the University of Miami invites
    applications for a Senior Research Associate II (SRAII) position in
    Bioinformatics to work closely with scientists at NOAA’s Atlantic
    Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory’s Ocean Chemistry and
    Ecosystems Division (AOML/OCED), located at 4301 Rickenbacker
    Causeway, Miami, FL 33149.  (http://www.aoml.noaa.gov).  This
    bioinformatics research works with large-scale microbial omics
    datasets to study the biodiversity and interactions of microbes in
    marine ecosystems across organizational scales and their roles in
    ecosystem function and in diseases of marine organisms and
    communities.  This bioinformatics research also works with
    large-scale eukaryotic omics datasets, especially of coral
    communities, investigating genomic aspects of coral reef health,
    resiliency, and adaptation to environmental changes such as sea
    level rise, climate change, ocean acidification, and exposure to
    pollutants.  The primary tasks of the bioinformatician will include
    data analysis, such as metagenomic assembly, binning, annotation,
    mapping and comparisons of metagenomes and metatranscriptomes;
    development and maintenance of bioinformatics pipelines; development
    and maintenance of databases for microbiome and coral omics data.
    Responsibilities will also include the training of postdoctoral
    researchers, staff, graduate and undergraduate students in
    high-performance computing, programming, and bioinformatics
    applications.  Qualified candidates must hold a minimum of a
    Master’s degree in bioinformatics, data science, computer science,
    biology, marine biology, genetics, or a related field with Master’s
    degree and at least 1 - 3 years relevant work related experience in
    bioinformatics analysis of environmental next-generation-sequencing
    data, with evidence of tangible contributions to the dissemination
    of new research.  Experience with Linux command line, scripting
    languages (Perl, Python, R, Bash, etc.), expertise with
    bioinformatics portals and software, web development languages and
    proper bioinformatic/software documentation is needed.  Preference
    will be given towards candidates with a doctoral degree in relevant
    discipline and demonstrated relevant expertise and publication
    record in bioinformatics.  The salary pay rate and promotional
    opportunity will be dependent on educational level and relevant

    APPLY online at http://www.miami.edu/careers, Position #: position

    The University of Miami is an equal opportunity/affirmative action
    employer; smoke/drug free workplace.
    For further information candidates should contact Dr. Christopher
    Sinigalliano (christopher.sinigalliano at noaa.gov)

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