[Coral-List] Marine Biotechnology Conference

sergey dobretsov sergey_dobretsov at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 5 11:08:09 EST 2017

Dear colleagues,

You are kindly invited to 2nd Second GCCMarine Biotechnology Conference: Emerging opportunities and futureperspectives’ from 31 October to 1 November 2017in Muscat, Oman.
Conference is organized jointly between Sultan Qaboos University and theEuropean Society of Marine Biotechnology. Conference website: https://conferences.squ.edu.om/marbio/ Thethemes include: Biofouling and antifouling, Fisheries and aquaculture, MarineBiodiversity and Sustainability, Marine Genetics and Bioinformatics.

 You need to register using this link: https://squsys.squ.edu.om/ConfSys/Conference/ConfRegistration.aspx?cc=17

and submit your abstract for oral presentation https://squsys.squ.edu.om/ConfSys/Presenter/LoginPage.aspx?cc=17&ec=19&etc=100

or poster presentation: https://squsys.squ.edu.om/ConfSys/Presenter/LoginPage.aspx?cc=17&ec=21&etc=101

The deadline for abstract submission is extendedtill 1st of June 2017.

See you in Oman! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Dr. Sergey Dobretsov  Associate Professor  Director, Center of Excellence in Marine Biotechnology
Head, Department of Marine Science and Fisheries  College Agricultural and Marine Sciences Muscat, Oman www.biofouling.orgMarine Biotechnology Conference in Omanhttps://conferences.squ.edu.om/marbio/

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