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"Negociating" with the public and politicians is challenging, so
professional negotiators do not improvise. If we want to do it properly, we
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> Sarah Frias-Torres says she has been called an ?Environmental Nazi? when
> she tells people what sort of things need to be done to help reefs (or
> indeed any of the oceans? habitats).   Let us on Coral-List have a
> competition for the most imaginative insult.  I would like to offer two
> entries: I have been called in public:
> a ?scientific fascist? (by a lawyer representing a vested interest) for
> using data to demonstrate an unwelcome point ? clearly a shocking thing to
> try and do!  Also, a ?people killer? when pointing out in a keynote at a
> sustainable development conference that the number of people already living
> on the island that the conference was held in was not sustainable.
> Our competition might award a ?Virtual Coral? prize to the recipient of
> the most absurd or imaginative insult.  Then, seriously, we should use the
> list in a well-placed article on this whole head-in-the-sand and denial
> problem.
> Best wishes
> Charles Sheppard
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