[Coral-List] Octocoral Workshop during the ECRS2017 in Oxford/UK

Reinicke Götz-Bodo Dr. gb.reinicke at meeresmuseum.de
Wed Mar 8 04:45:28 EST 2017

Dear Octocoral research people on the list,

while screening the announcements of the European Coral Reef Symposium in December 2017 in Oxford (UK) I wondered about possible participation of Octocoral-researchers to make up for a workshop to discuss "Current Advances in Octocoral Research". Together with Yehuda Benayahu (Tel Aviv) we therefore registered for such a workshop-meeting – meanwhile adopted within the conference program – 1 hour in length and taking place during the extended lunch break. It will be provided with a room complete with AV equipment.

This is to evaluate the likely participants’ interest out there: One hour is not very extensive, and the networking aspect will be the basis of the meeting, but some subjects might be worth focusing in advance …

Some ideas – yet unsorted – would be

-       Brief introduction of the participants

-       Ongoing projects, grant applications, networking, data mining,

-       Taxonomy, molecular phylogeny, next generation sequencing, training workshops

-       Monitoring, regional studies like from the Red Sea, cold water coral reefs…

-       New challenges in octocoral research such as mesophotic studies and deep water work

-       The octocoral website needs a leader …

-       Would an "EU octocoral network" hold water?

-       Taxonomy expertise disappearing: Graduate students need support

-       Possible interest and ideas for an Octocoral Minisymposium or -session during the ICRS2020 in Bremen?

In case you are planning for participation in the ECRS 2017, pls. let us know, and possibly line out your favorite priority subject(s) to be discussed.
Pls. forward this information to other colleagues possibly interested. We’ll send further program-updates around to those who respond. Pls. answer directly to me at gb.reinicke at meeresmuseum.de<mailto:gb.reinicke at meeresmuseum.de>

Looking forward to seeing you there,
Götz Reinicke and Hudi Benayahu.

With best regards from the
German Oceanographic Museum

on behalf

Dr. Götz B. Reinicke
Curator of Marine Ecology –
Coelenterates, Molluscs Echinoderms

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