[Coral-List] Capacity building/courses in monitoring of coral reefs

David Obura dobura at cordioea.net
Thu Mar 9 05:01:23 EST 2017

Dear listers,

As part of the strengthening the GCRMN, and requested by the GOOS Ecosystems and Biology Panel (this exercise is being done by Patricia Miloslavich, cc’d here), we will be putting together an inventory of what courses and capacity building initiatives there are on monitoring of coral reefs (focus on GCRMN-family methods - benthos/corals, inverts and fish).. The goal is to strengthen capacity building over time.

I’m afraid there is going to be a deluge of responses, so initially I’d just ask for quite short responses that include the following, and in due course we may set up a survey to record responses more pragmatically:
- name of programme
- brief description of the course/capacity building, including duration, target group(s), etc.
- geographic scope
- when did the programme start, is it periodic, how long do you anticipate it to continue?
- number of people trained in a given period
- key institutions supporting it
- annual budget (if possible)

Please send your response to gcrmn at cordioea.net. We’ll summarise the responses and work out next steps.

Many thanks

David Obura

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