[Coral-List] Insults to scientists

Lucie PENIN luciepenin at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 11 09:30:02 EST 2017

Dear all,
Over the last few years, marine scientists at Reunion Island were often 
called "murderers" in the press, because we are considered responsible 
for the shark attacks. But last month, Jean-Paul Virapoulle, mayor of 
the city of Saint Andre, called us "pseudo-scientists in holidays". This 
is at least more innovative than "Australian" or "Nazi"...

Dr Lucie PENIN
Maître de Conférences
Associate Professor

Ecologie mariNe TROpicale des océans Pacifique et IndiEn
Université de la Réunion
La Réunion, France

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>> Dear corallist
>> I have been singled out on the list for having an "Australian" perspective and in the media for being an "Australian" marine ecologist
>> Is this an insult?
>> If so, I agree it is not very imaginative but nor is "environmental nazi" so I don't think either of these should win the gong
>> cheers

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