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I agree with Peter, take it on the chin.

I also think any 'list' we bother to invest time in should only be the positive achievements, wins, gains and advances; however small.

Human behaviour, and policy, is incremental - not rational. No-one likes to be high-browed or lectured to. This should especially be the case from 'western / northern' scientists. Some humility goes a long way if you want to support any change for the better.


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I don't know if this is the kind of insult Charles Sheppard was thinking about, but for years I put up with knowing glances and comments about vacations from my lab scientist colleagues whenever I went into the field.  Even the secretarial staff joined in.  Used to bother me a bit - they were disrespecting my science.  But then one day I woke up and realized they were right.  I had a career filled with the joy of field work - even when conditions were terrible - while they were stuck behind a lab bench.  I'll take those insults any day.

Peter Sale
University of Windsor

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