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Into the Twilight Zone

popular article in Science magazine


Not open-access unforthunately, but the summary is:

A teenaged diving accident and crippling brush with the bends propelled
ichthyologist Richard Pyle into the world of technical diving, where he
emerged as a pioneering rebreather diver, using the technology to reach
greater and greater depths. Pyle has carved out a niche as an explorer of
the still-mysterious, dimly lit coral habitat that thrives from about 30 to
150 meters below the surface, in what he calls the Twilight Zone. Shallow
reefs, with their brightly colored hard corals and fish, get most of the
attention. But studies of deeper habitats, which contain more soft corals
and also teem with diverse invertebrates and fish, have surged lately. Pyle
was one of the first to call attention to such mesophotic coral ecosystems,
as they're called—and he's still diving there, convinced that thousands of
additional species remain to be discovered.

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