[Coral-List] Coral mortality in a warmer and acidified ocean

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   Sorry to be so slow, just catching up on emails now.
   Yes.  Of course, not only can anyone put anything into Wikipedia, anyone
can correct it.  There are quite a few people correcting and adding to
articles in Wikipedia.  Of course, Wikipedia (including the articles I
quoted) has lots of references, so anyone who wants to be a scholar can
start checking those out to see what they say, and whether the Wikipedia
articles are well grounded in fact or not.
     Feel free to quote any traditional, hard-copy, encyclopedia that
contradicts anything I wrote.  We'll all learn from it.  Their articles are
written by experts they choose, and which they pay.  Or the original
literature.  NASA might have something on their website about Venus, who
knows?  So, you're a scholar with a long list of peer-reviewed papers, you
could do a little scholarship and check the things I wrote, and the
Wikipedia articles I quoted from.  You could even have checked the "rice
video" before you posted it.
     Speaking of experts, if anyone wishes to see what experts say, they
could always check the website for the National Academy of Sciences (of the
USA).  Said by some to be the world's most prestigious science academy,
with prestigious members from the US and many other countries, and long
list of Nobel Prize winners that are members.  They are very clear about
the causes of global warming and climate change, and CO2 produced by humans
is the number one (but not only) cause according to them.  One introduction
might be their climate change booklet http://nas-sites.org/a
  but they have lots of other materials.  If you don't like that, you can
check what nearly every other academy of science around the world says, or
about 97% of the scientists publishing in climate science.  Or the IPCC.
Or geological societies.  Or, of course, you can just choose your favorite
political website that gives you the answer you want to hear, such as the
Rice Video" you pointed us to.  Your choice.  Enjoy.    Cheers,  Doug

On Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 1:07 PM, Eugene Shinn <eugeneshinn at mail.usf.edu>

> I suppose many list readers know that the world wide web is a place
> where you can find most anything you want. One should be especially
> cautious of the website Wikipedia.  "Wikipedia is a free online
> encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and
> hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation." Any person of any political
> persuasion or belief with a computer can make entries to Wikipedia. Any
> bias the volunteer may have is acceptable. Some entries are quite
> correct and some have obvious negative bias. Go to
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming_denier>and you will notice
> the term "climate denier" is used. It does not use the word skeptic but
> in stead denier. That is a clear sign of climate activists bias.  Craig
> Idso who operates the Co2Science website posts peer reviewed scientific
> papers and abstracts that demonstrate beneficial or benign effects of
> CO2 on plants and other life forms. He does not post reviews of papers
> or abstracts of papers highlighting negative effects of Co2. Of course
> that is bias because Co2 is his specialty. If you are looking for
> negative effects of CO2 there are tons of  websites to choose from. It's
> unfortunate that science is so divided.  Just be for warned about you
> may find on a Wikipedia sites. Gene
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